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I live an amazing life.
Significance to that life:
Life is about living, people are going to judge you no matter what, so just be you and don't give any fucks to about what people think of you. This is your world. Live life with all the passion and happiness you have! And love with all of your heart, unconditionally. <3
Got the red lips on toniiiight💋✨

Got the red lips on toniiiight💋✨

#tbt with these lovelies❤️❤️ @mtvcorywharton thank you for the photo bomb&#8230;.😂😂😂😂

#tbt with these lovelies❤️❤️ @mtvcorywharton thank you for the photo bomb….😂😂😂😂

thatsecondkid asked: Hey jamie. I watched the whole season of the real world, I just wanna know what was the best thing you liked about being in San Francisco and what did you learned most from the experience? Tyler

The thing i liked most about San Fran is the open mindedness of the people and the diversity!! It was amazing. And what i learned most out of it all is that when i’m drunk i don’t exactly have a filter and anything and everything thats on my mind comes out. I need to learn how to control that, because although it may be true, presentation is sloppppppy. 

Anonymous asked: Hannah kinda looks like Kristen Bell! She's more gorgeous though! As are you Jamie!!<3

Hahah she gets that all the time!! 

these-0ceans asked: I've been a fan of you for so many years. I always hoped you would do amazing things so it's really cool to see how far you've come (: props!

Thank you so much love<3 i

Anonymous asked: The original cast needs their own show! Yall are the besttttt ! can we never end this season of the realworldd plzz


Anonymous asked: HONEST OPINION can interviews get awkward sometimes? Lmfao I don't wanna name names but I watched an interview you did and another with Tom, and there were just some awkward points lmfaoo

I mean it just depends on the interviewer haha. Sometimes we can get some pretty awkward people that interview us, but it gets pretty repetitive.. We get tired of answering the same questions over and over and overrrrrrr again!

Anonymous asked: based on ur time DURING the show, in order, who were you closest to?

1.Thomas (Obviously)
2. Arielle
4. Jenna

kimmbaby asked: so are you half chinese & half mexican? you're so gorgeous!

Korean and Mexican!! The JamieChina nickname was given to me on tour.. lol by a bunch of ignorant british kids…

Anonymous asked: i'm watching the rw right now. have you and stephen ever clashed? lol i was scared ya'll were gonna get into an argument or something!

Hahah actually no never! I mean i’m sure he’s probably has his chats with Tom about me cause they are brothers, but Stephen has been nothing but nice to me!